About The Plasma Doctor

The Plasma Doctor clinic has been created to give clients an environment in which they can be confident that they are being treated by appropriately qualified, registered and insured practitioners. It is surprising that we would have to make such a statement but currently in the UK procedures such as lip fillers, fine-line softening and chemical peels can legally be performed by anyone, whatever their level of training; even though if performed incorrectly, these procedures could result in a range of complications such as burning, scarring, infection and even blindness.

This lack of regulation also means that people have very little chance of redress if things do go wrong as these people are often uninsured and who do you complain to under those circumstances? At the Plasma Doctor we have created a superb clinical environment for your treatments, and we check that all our practitioners are appropriately trained and insured for the treatments they deliver so you can be confident in the services we provide. This level of care extends to everything we do and how we do it, from our use of only the best devices and products to our clinical record system which stores its data on an encrypted medical grade cloud-based server.