Skin Tags, Moles, Warts & Verrucas

Moles, age spots, skin tags and warts, can all be removed quickly and effectively using either our Plasma Pen or Hyfrecator unit. Prior to treating moles, we do ask that you have the lesion reviewed by your family doctor and bring a letter confirming that they are happy for it to be removed.

Price: From £150*

*Price: £150 for the first lesion and includes initial consultation, subsequent lesions vary depending on the number and severity.

Will a mole/skin-tag fully disappear?

YES! The devices cauterise the tissue and vaporise the abnormal tissue, leaving it covered by a thin dry dark area the size of the original lesion. This will fall off naturally (although it can take a couple of weeks for this to occur).

Is mole/skin-tag removal safe?

Mole and skin tag removal procedures are minor procedures and not associated with any serious complications.
A local anaesthetic is applied either topically as a numbing cream or via a very small injection to ensure that the procedure is painless.

Examination of moles and pigmented lesions.